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Developing our future leaders

1. A leadership circles forms a mentor team and decides to sponsor a student
2. The student is selected together with our partners in developing countries
3. Throughout the course of his/her studies the circle mentors the student


The Leadership Circle is the perfect way to give back some of the good fortune that you have received. Together with a peer group you will Fund and mentor a future leader’s studies.

Selected students are encouraged to develop themselves not only academically but also socially in extracurricular activities. Part of the program is a semester abroad. Studying or doing an internship in the country of the mentors is strongly encouraged.

The program is fully geared towards developing Future Leaders. True leaders can invoke true change.


Together with a group of peers you form a circle. This circle will stay together during the whole studies of the student. The circle will pay for the students studies but also mentor him/her throughout the course of their studies. When a student graduates mentors are asked if they want to continue the circle with a new student, quit or form a different circle.
A circle can be any kind of group. A group of friends, colleagues, (sports) teams or any other type. It is encouraged to have a diverse group as to have a mix of capabilities to mentor the student. Typically there is one circle leader that forms the group. If you are not able to form a complete circle please contact us and we can see if we can put you in contact with another incomplete circle. Circles typically number 5 to 15 individual members. Circle size mostly depends on the associated cost (see ‘What does it cost?’ below.

Typically a student will study 4 years. In some cases this can be longer but this will always be discussed prior to starting your engagement. It is important that you commit to the full length of the studies. Dropping out halfway is possible if you find a replacement or the other circle members agree to cover for your commitment.

It is completely upto you. Students are asked to update their mentors regularly. If there are specific coaching needs the students are encouraged to ask for help. It is upto you and your circle to decide how much time you want to invest in coaching. Of course the more intense the more rewarding for both student and mentor but there are also circles where only student to mentor updates are provided. Most of the updates are through (closed) facebook groups so it is relatively easy to provide feedback. Sometimes a simple thumbs up is enough encouragement.

100% Of your contribution goes to the student. Students have to regularly update their mentors on costs and spending through our online tool. Budgets are fixed and more than adequate to study in the country of origin and spend 6 months abroad in a western country. Typically a 4 year study will cost €20.000-€25.000 including all school fees, housing, books, food, travel and some extra for personal development. Here you can calculate the monthly cost per member based on a €22.500 4-year scholarship:

Number of sponsors/mentors: (select 5-15)

Monthly costs: €Result (€22.500 divided by 48, months, divided by number of mentors)

Donations are transferred to Stichting MiniMax.This foundation has a ANBI status recognized by the Dutch Government. This means that any donations in excess of 1% of your annual income are tax deductible. For this reason we encourage sponsors/mentors to donate the 4 year allowance in the first year however this is not mandatory. Most mentors will provide a monthly payment.

We work together with XX (Teachforall.org?). They select students on the basis of:

  1. Best in district (high) school performance
  2. Proven track record in extraordinary extracurricular engagement outside studies
  3. Inability of parents or governments to provide scholarships for the student.

One student will be introduced to the circle and the circle gets the right to veto the proposed student. If vetoed the student will be proposed to another circle.


Only the highest performing students can be selected for the leadership circle scholarship program.

Students are selected on:
1. Best in district school performance
2. Proven track record in extraordinary extracurricular engagement outside studies
3. Inability of parents or local government to pay for college/university education

Throughout the course of their studies the student will be coached by mentors which are also the sponsors of the program. It is mandatory to study abroad for 6 months and it is strongly encouraged to do this in the country of the sponsors. All is placed in the interest to develop leadership skills. At all times the best interest for the student is central in the decision being made.

After graduation alumni of the program will stay in contact with their mentors. When the alumni’s income is high enough to give back it is mandatory to join the Leadership Circle as a mentor/sponsor.


It is not possible to apply. Selection is done by the partner NGO of the Leadership Circle. Our partner selects applicants directly in high schools.
If I get selected what happens?
Once you have been selected you will be introduced to a sponsor circle. We will inform you what is expected from you in the process.
What are my obligations during the program?
You will receive access to this website and be asked to provide regular updates. This entails:

  • Quarterly financial update (this website)
  • Quarterly scholar update including grades and achievements (this website)
  • Monthly activity updates on extracurricular developments (Facebook closed group)
  • Any extra requests for mentoring/help in personal development you may have (Facebook closed group)
The funds provided is enough to cover all your expenses and enable you to study abroad for 6 months. They have been set by our partners and go above and beyond normal scholarships. The extra money is to enable students to develop outside of their studies. It is forbidden to use the money for anything else other than the advancement of your own development and career. Because the budget is enough it is also strongly forbidden to ask (even indirectly) sponsors for more or other (indirect) payments. Not complying to this rule is reason for termination of the scholarship. You are encouraged to ask your sponsors for help in life choices, personal development and career advancement. Mentors will always have your interest at heart.
Yes, besides doing your utmost best during your studies you are required to ‘repay’ your scholarship to another student in the future. The Leadership Circle stays in touch with alumni’s of the program and asks for a yearly salary indication. If you salary has risen above a certain level you are asked to give back by joining a circle yourself and supporting a student in his/her studies. Of course it is strongly applauded if you join a circle before reaching the income threshold.

If you have any questions feel free to post them publicly on our facebook page here.

You can also contact us directly by filling in the form below.


The Leadership Circle is in cooperation with Stichting Minimax